About Apay
Authentic-Payment (Apay) strives to be a secure and authentic coin for real-life transactions and applications within the green, lightning fast, and very secure Stellar network. 

We are looking to bring blockchain and daily life closer together. By using NFC on PoS, a payment system akin to a PIN terminal, our goal is to develop an app to enable a safe and secure private wallet for your Apay and projected daily usage. We have many exciting plans and goals for the near as well as long term future. 

So why do you want us? 
You believe crypto is the future of finance, and you want an easy place to store your Stellar Apay safely and securely, whilst also being able to pay with it wherever you would like. The Apay app MyPay will get a bank-like interface so it is accessible and understandable for everyone.

The team

meet the team behind Authentic-Payment