Participants in the $XLM/$Apay liquidity pool & $USDC/$Apay liquidity pool and holders of $ApayXLM will receive rewards

We add 10k $Apay per wallet address and share it among the pool share percentage.
for example: when we counts 10 participants, we will share 100K $Apay among them.
if your liquidity pool share is 5% you will receive 5k $Apay

we can’t keep adding these amounts of $Apay, that’s why we will do a halving at 25 participants.
The next halving will be at 50 participants.
after this well do the next halving at 125,250,500,..(lets get here first)

ApayXLM $AXLM is one of our new projects and by holding it you will receive a quarterly $Apay bonus.