Participants in the $XLM/$Apay liquidity pool & $USDC/$Apay liquidity pool and holders of $ApayXLM will receive rewards

We add 10k $Apay per wallet address and share it among the pool share percentage.
for example: when we counts 10 participants, we will share 100K $Apay among them.
if your liquidity pool share is 5% you will receive 5k $Apay

we can’t keep adding these amounts of $Apay, that’s why we will do a halving at 25 participants.
The next halving will be at 50 participants.
after this well do the next halving at 125,250,500,..(lets get here first)

Thanks to we’ve now got hourly rewards running on multiple $Apay pools and on all & $ACT partners liquidity pools.
opt-in and out whenever you want.

Easy access to the LPs with stellarx:

Or sdexexplorer:

Interacting with the Stellar blockchain and the Stellar DEX is always on your own risk.