We Focus on business & private solutions.

To help everyone get excess to digital finance, and the benefits of having the control over your own finances.


Authentic-Payment token (APAY) will be the leading token in our eco system.

Since it has been issued on the stellar network we have, Instant transfers with the consensus protocol, fees are almost none, the energy consumption per transaction is over 99% lower than Bitcoin and Ethereum & can process over 1000 transactions a second.

The power of stellar combined with APAY gives Authentic-Payment a new approach to crypto, instead of reinventing the wheel we will connect the dots and look for already created solutions. By staying up to date with valuable utility projects and developments, we make sure to find the best solution for our community & partners.

APAY is the token used in our partnerships and the leading token on our Dex & Systems.


The idea and vision behind APAY is to bring block-chain and everyday life closer together. By creating a wallet/Dex (MyPay) for storing, sending and trading your APAY and your other assets.

this will all be in an easy and smooth App, connected to the SDEX. Eventually we would add other chains to our application and seek for payment methods to combine with APAY (debit card, NFC & QR)

Sustainable Business Development

we will also focus on the business side of our community and create new concepts together and help your business reduce costs, generate more returns & eventually more exposure to Authentic-Payment. This concept can be a game changer for us and will bring multiple businesses & professions together to create multiple additions to your business The coming few years will decide the exact path for MyPay wallet, since there are many options and concept possibilities for Authentic-Payment, we will combine our vision with our community and partners to get the best for us.


We have a maximum (locked) supply of (1billion) APAY tokens. 670 million are in circulation (start 2022). The remaining tokens are for marketing, listings, development and team.

No more can ever be added, only burned.

Users Reward Program

App users and liquidity pool members will receive airdrops.

You can also get APAY rewards by helping us with development.

Community is key

We believe in the power of the community, so by being a strong, friendly and respectful community we can make the difference between acceptance or rejection. That’s why we choose to be as active as possible, and you can always reach out to us for information, advice, or any help that you need.

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