What is $ACT?

$ACT is digital asset that is used to incentivize and reward community participation while bringing communities together and encourage participation in our rewards program. 

A liquidity layer on the stellar blockchain accessible by everyone from everywhere around the world 🌍

How to Utilize $ACT in Web3.0

There are several ways in which $ACT can be utilized in Web3.0. Some of these ways include:

Purchasing Goods and Services on the chain: $ACT can be used to purchase goods and services within the stellar DEX, such as digital assets, content, and access to premium features like ACT partnerships and access to the ACT HUB. 

Rewards: Tokens can be added to liquidity pools to earn rewards, get a share of the 40k $ACT being distributed trough our rewards program 

Incentivizing Participation: Tokens can be used to incentivize users to participate in the ecosystem, such as through social media campaigns or referral programs or rewarding original content created by the community. 


$ACT can be traded on the Stellar Decentralized Exchange (SDEX). 

There are several wallets were you can easily setup a trustline and start interacting with $ACT or other stellar assets. 


$ACT token is a digital asset created on the Stellar blockchain. It is designed to serve as a utility token for the ACT HUB, Authentic-Payment  and the Stellar ecosystem. 

In this section , we will provide a detailed description of the $ACT token’s tokeneconomics, covering its development and marketing, sale, rewards, treasury, and team share.

 Development and Marketing

The development of the $ACT token ecosystem is funded through a public sale, which aims to raise funds to develop the platform and market it to potential users. The ACT team allocated a certain portion of the tokens for the public sale.

To attract investors, the $ACT team will need to develop a marketing strategy that will promote the public sale and attract potential investors. The marketing strategy will include social media, content marketing, influencer outreach, and other tactics to create awareness and interest in the project.


During the public sale, the ACT token sold to investors at a dynamic price, and the funds raised will be used to develop the platform and promote it to potential users.


ACT token holders will receive rewards for participating in the ACT-HUB.

The rewards will be paid in ACT tokens, and the amount of the reward will depend on the user’s level of participation and the value they bring to the ecosystem.


A portion of the ACT tokens will be allocated to the platform’s treasury, which will be used to fund future development and marketing efforts. The treasury will also be used to reward users who contribute to the platform’s growth and success.

Team Share

A portion of the ACT tokens will be allocated to the team, which will be used to compensate the team members for their contributions to the project. The team share will be distributed in the first year, and team members required to hold the tokens for at least year to align their interests with the long-term success of the platform.

ACTs Future?
since 2024 ACT and StellarDAO are no longer in partnership and fully continues the same principles in the newly opened ACT-HUB, with more originality, better execution of tasks and the freedom for you to add your own value to $ACT and share your community contribution to get more rewards.
want to make it as an ambassador, ASK for your own invite link and see how you can earn while growing the community and the reach of us and our parnerships.

Crypto currencies can be volatile so always interact with caution ⚠️ DYOR and make sure to have the right issuer address and code before you interact with any tokens.

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