Authentic-Payment is up and running!

we are actively searching for on chain and real world partners, we have multiple ways to secure yourself and get custody over your own digital values, tokenising your business, unbanking yourself and connecting us all together via different routes.

at this stage there is no more need for a roadmap, our intensions are clear and we’re creating something unique using blockchain.

we’re expending our network of entrepreneurs, developers and investors to create a play field that’s interesting for smaller businesses, artist, creators, designers, issuers to get together, connect, do business and make money that’s under their control.
we don’t need your data, working with just a public address having a trustline setup with us is enough for us to see you as a community member. holding over 50.000,00000 $Apay makes a public address valuable for us and the address will receive airdrops at least twice a year.

with the above explained it’s just a matter of time to get a wallet that is good, safe, fine to use and non-costodial to improve your web3 journey. at this moment there are better ones available and there is no rush towards development until the time is right to connect the dots and the demand is there.

we strive to make you enjoy the benefits of unbanking and using the stellar blockchain alongside Authentic-Payments ecosystem to find a way to escape the matrix together. the future of finance will be different and the Internet of Things (IoT), tokenized solutions for stamps, coins tokens will be going from plastic/metal to just a tiny Bit withgin a matter of years.

we can help you understand and setup for the fraction of what a big tech company will do, don’t fall behind!

connect, exchange, create, grow.
Digital solutions & services.