First rewards are sent to all addresses that meet the tier criteria🥂

Currently there is about 600.000 $ACT in circulation and 450.000 $ACT left for release. 

We managed to sell 540.000 $ACT in the first month and added a total of 17000 xlm in a buy order at 0.01 xlm to support the floor price

Market wallet can be checked via stellar expert.  

Liquidity Pool rewards start once the final pre sale phase is completed (0.10 xlm) and snapshot will be randomly taken every month.

Rewards will be distributed within the first two weeks of the upcoming month.

No trustlines means no rewards, please check you meet all criteria. 

We also worked on what we expect from our Partners. 

Partnerships are really important in terms of liquidity, making $ACT valuable & sustainable. 

The power of our Community can make the difference for joining us as a partner, they will provide liquidity and unable more ways of Earning and rewards. 

Thanks to all of you for supporting us🥂

Kind regards and Stay tuned

Ahmet & Appie

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