Happy to announce the first StellarDAO partner. 

InterStellarISX $ISX will be supported by #StellarDAO from this moment. Thank you for bringing more rewards and task to our community.

Feel free to join StellarDAO to complete daily tasks


And ISX to stay updated on the projects progress.


They have bought 15k ACT and added 5K $ACT into the $XLM Liquidity Pool. 

we have setup a cross Liquidity pool to support both economies with a total value of 200$.

We will celebrate this with an airdrop to all holders that hold a minimum of 200 $ACT and 5k $ISX. 

InterstellarISX is a small project on the Stellar Network. We launch in February 2022 and our main focus is quality NFTs with Martian and spaceship theme. Most of the NFTs give weekly yield in ISX tokens, and there are still some available on our Litemint Store page. 

Join us and stay tuned

StellarDAO, Apay & ISX

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