XSHIB x StellarDAO

we’re happy to announce our third  partner: Astro Shiba Inu Xshib is now added to the StellarDAO & ACT ecosystem together with Authentic-Payment, InterstellarISX, $LSP, $USDC & $XLM  $ACT/$XSHIB pool participants will start receiving pool rewards based on there pool %.  Let’s build together #StellarFamily $ACT $XSHIB

Cordillera official partner

Rewards are running every hour , thank you @CordilleraDev for helping with the setup and being a official partner of Authentic-Payment and stellardao.org Stay Tuned for more,Kind regards Team Apay . #Rewards #Crypto #StellarFamily $Apay $ACT $XLM #XLM #LSP #USDC